Sun & Olive oil ~ my 1st book is live!!!

October 2021

October is a very special month when the new oil comes to life ~ fresh, green, fragrant, wholesome. Inviting. To open up our senses and to invigorate our food, to give it a new dimension ~ of depth, extra layers, naturality, vitality. 

It is not a surprise that exactly 2 years ago, in October, I wholeheartedly started “Sun & Olive oil /Stories & recipes about fascinating flavors of the Mediterranean/, my writing project. Now already in October 2021, and together with the new olive harvest, 157 pages open a door to the exciting and fascinating world of extra virgin olive oil, through my eyes and sensitivity.

I hope you will find “Sun & Olive oil” curious, helpful and inspiring on your path to health and beauty, to delicious, surprising, revitalizing food, prepared at home. Easy, slow, full of joy and harmony, the way I feel about cooking, eating and sharing soul food. Celebrating

This 1st edition is in English, it is green and Nature friendly, and it comes to you in its electronic version on Amazon, as an e-book.


Here are the 3 easy steps to buy “Sun & Olive oil” 🌿

   1. Register on or on the Amazon store of your country

   2. Follow the link on  

Or type either Anna Petkova, or Sun & Olive oil in the books section of the Amazon store you are registered with

    3. Download the Kindle app (below the “buy” button) to your  mobile devise(s) and computer, and “Sun & Olive oil” will be with you in your kitchen and elsewhere. With all its beauty and colours


Thank you for your support, I wish you happiness with the food and love for extra virgin olive oil, for life, the way it happened with me!

Let’s spread the word about “Sun & Olive oil” and join more olive enthusiasts in our foodie community 🌞

With love, Anna