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I am Anna and I have always loved simple and genuine food prepared with fresh seasonal products magically paired with the perfumes of herbs and extra virgin olive oil (#EVOO). A bliss of flavours, a divine pleasure for the senses. 

The Mediterranean diet (#MedDiet) has fascinated me with its abundance, balance and richness and all the sun, sea and moments of sharing brought together. A true perfection for me. I love experimenting with blending of products and flavours, and I get a very special inspiration when East meets West in a subtle invisible harmony.

Naturally, my love for the Mediterranean, the East, travelling and my spirit of an explorer immersed me into the world of wine, and extra virgin olive oil after, until it has become my passion, inspiration and devotion. I am a certified olive oil sommelier by the renowned program of the International Culinary Center and Olive Oil Times Education Lab, NY, organizers of the prestigious international olive oil competition NYOOIC. I take part in olive oil tastings and master classes in Portugal, Greece and Italy. I love visiting and talking to producers, it is such an enriching experience for me! Inspiration flows, new knowledge grows and I connect with the land and that special craftsmanship of distinctive artisan EVOOs. I need to admit that my passion for Italy is enormous due to the country’s rich biodiversity of local olive cultivars and complex taste characteristics of the extra virgin olive oils. And not only ~ Italy and Garda lake in particular is the place from where my serious olive oil path has started inspired by my devoted Italian teachers Maria Paola Gabusi (O’Live&Italy) and Antonio Giuseppe Lauro. Back then in Toscolano Maderno among the centenary olive trees I felt in my heart that olive oil is my “cup of tea” and I would go professionally for it and share my knowledge with a broader circle of people. I always try local varieties in the producing countries as there are incredible and very specific local cultivars, worth knowing deeper. Greece, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Turkey, Tunisia ~ the list is getting longer and longer.

Preparing a delicious healthy food is both fun and an exploration for me, and every time I cook a meal I add a new touch to make it a special celebration for all the senses. #EVOO is a main hero in my kitchen and I need to admit that I am generous with it in the plate, trying constantly different varieties from around the world and how they pair with diverse products and flavours. And it is so true that the greater EVOOs we taste and prepare food with, the more we are open to discover and experience new breath-taking combinations with this 100% natural, healthy and exceptional oil. The pure juice from the olive fruit.

I created My Pure Olive to share knowledge about the unique golden nectar of the olive tree and to grow the food & extra virgin olive oil culture, EVOO as an everyday healer and a hero on the plate. Delicate and rounded or vibrant and rich flavour sensations, and much more ~ health and beauty that radiate from within.


This space is dedicated to useful information about extra virgin olive oil and why it is a “super fat” and a great helper in preparing tasty food every day, curious facts about some of my favourite local & seasonal products and their health benefits, as well as ideas and recipes of interesting simple dishes. The articles and themes are my own creation and a reflection of my philosophy about life and food, also a result of all the accumulated impressions and knowledge from my journeys, as well as from the talks with producers & specific olive oil trainings throughout the years.

At the end of each article I present a detailed recipe connected to the theme being unfolded. The recipes are my signature ones and often my own interpretation of regional cuisine dishes, where I have my personal touch by adding flavours and textures. The photos of the prepared and presented food are also my creation in my kitchen and a reflection of my personal feeling how to beautifully serve pure food ~ bringing delight and joy to all the senses!

10 October 2018, Sofia


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