Loved Ingredients

Roses, lavender & olive oil

I was in Italy in the beautiful and picturesque Toscolano Maderno on the hills above Lago di Garda and some foreign friends were curious about Bulgaria and some distinctive features of my home country. I took few moments to reflect on this question as very often the common things to us turn uncommon and fascinating to others not native to our local places. And I started telling a story about the unique Bulgarian landscapes 2/3 of which are breath taking mountains and highest on the Balkan peninsula, the plain fertile land north and south capturing lots of sun, the very special tender yoghurt due to the very specific bacteria it nurtures, the lovely fields of lavender and Bulgaria being the leading producer of lavender oil, the famous Bulgarian roses in the Rose valley spreading in between two mountain ranges Stara Planina and Sredna Gora and suppling producers of refined perfumes, the wine that has made a great progress in the past 10 years and many more things to tell. And also the creative energy and artisan spirit that one feels and notices once walking the streets of Sofia, Plovdiv and other towns vs. other European cities. 


Purslane ~ love from 1st sight

Could you imagine the world without green? Those beautiful shades of green, from sparkling and translucent in the spring to calm and profound in the autumn? Me not, not at all. Green is the synthesis of life and all the rest of the colours make the life bouquet more vivid and abundant. I love that expression of Nature immensely and green inspires me a lot to play and make food interpretations. In my own Mediterranean way ~ simple and special, full of flavour and inviting us to have a bite, and then another one, and another one. To enjoy the food slowly and with care, and respect. And to be full of happiness and gratitude that each season the Nature is so generous to us with its gifts. We just need to be attentive and bring its fruits to our table.