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Dear EVOO & life enthusiasts,

My passion is to gather & transmit knowledge, and share new vision for food & life ~ through elaborated simplicity, wholesome enjoyment, curious tastes & flavours for vibrant experiences for the senses. My mission is more people to take better care about themselves and feel at ease ~ via delicious & flavourful food, with joy & appreciation, and more meaningful choices. We are indeed what we live & eat! And, yes, food could be a medicine and healing too, without much effort and with an open mind & more awareness. New habits are taking some little steps to create, indeed they are, as Pythagoras has said “ Choose the best. The habit will soon turn it into something pleasant and easy”. Sounds familiar to you too, doesn’t it?

Having been part of large corporations at leadership roles, and with dynamic & demanding agenda every day, I know the other side of the coin ~ one more reason to offer my support for you in organizing:

🍃master classes & tasting sessions (to know more about fats and why EVOO is a super food & fat for health, beauty & flavour, more about #MedDiet as a phylosophy & culture of eating & living, more about EVOO biodiversity & pairing with food, how to distinguish poor quality, why to cook with it and why EVOO is not aging well like wine);
🍃team-buildings for management teams (with insights about #MedDiet for busy lifestyles, healthier choices for more vigour with #IntuitiveFood, understanding EVOO as a super food & fat, looking at EVOO like we do at wine & pairing it with food, choosing the best);
🍃thematic events & dinners (all around food flavours & biodiversity of olive cultivars, EVOO and its diverse pairing with food & the delight of elaborated simplicity, appreciation of food & every moment);

🍃education about olive oil (group & individual) ~ mastership, biodiversity/olive cultivars & characteristics; distinctive & remarkable EVOOs; EVOO for health & beauty; olive oil tasting, olive oil quality, distinguishing good from mediocre oil, defects; EVOO (different styles & varieties) and food pairing;

🍃education about olive oil for chefs, importers & distributors, traders & retailers, and other professionals, for whom the knowledge about olive oil will add value for their professional activities 

🍃business & marketing strategy consulting;
🍃content creation (materials & texts preparation in a given context);
🍃food styling & Mediterranean menus with a twist (more curious pairings, simple yet elaborated)

I would be happy to get in touch at and to create together your different event and experience!


Some of my current projects & partnerships are:

. Bacchus – a magazine for wine & gourmet culture ~ writing a monthly column Artichoke & olive oil, dedicated to growing the EVOO culture

. EVA magazine ~ sharing the #EVOO & #MedDiet culture & the concept of beauty from within 

. HRC academy for culinary arts ~ leading masterclasses about olive oil & EVOO pairing with food, with the students & chefs to be

. Mediterranium – Добре дошли в Среиземноморието – a flavour space with the largest variety of EVOOs in Sofia (from 7 countries and more than 20 producers) ~ tasting classes & team buildings/events

. ELIA Lesvos confest ~ speaker at an international 3-day Olive oil conference, topic “Olive oil as a local gastronomic & cultural heritage

CASAVINO Wine Club ~ а space for meetings & exchange of ideas of lovers of genuine taste and EVOO enthusiasts ~ monthly master classes „The world of olive oil” &  и „Olive oil and craftsmanship“

. private events for EVOO enthusiasts & food lovers

. business consulting




20.08.2022 update 


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