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Hello dear olive oil enthusiast and welcome to our community,

I am Anna, your guide in the infinite and fascinating world of olive oil, good food and selflove. I hope that the knowledge which I share will be beneficial for you and your loved ones, and EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) will become even more treasured in your home. Growing the culture of food and EVOO, along with being happy with oneself and the food, following the body’s rhythm (Intuitive food) and MedDiet (inclusive, without deprivation), are my devotion.

It is not by chance that I call myself a flavour catcher, looking for and choosing authentic, diverse, pure, local and seasonal products. Especially nowadays when we, city people, are constantly tempted by processed and uniformly tasting food, which lacks variety and vividness of flavour and essence. I value the work of the people who grow and craft those delicious products with their hands, and I feel immense joy to support them in their endeavours, sharing togetherness for food full of flavour.

I am in love with Nature, simplicity and slow pace of life and food, giving each moment and bite the deserved attention and appreciation. Even in the vivid dynamics of each day, there is always time for that! Always! 

As an olive oil sommelier, I am an ambassador of extra virgin olive oil ~ the purest fruit juice of the olive and the highest category of olive oil, its millennial heritage and culture. The Mediterranean diet and Intuitive food are my guiding stars for a healthy and sustainable life, along with “small is beautiful” and “less is more”, which are deeply resonating with my values. It is pure happiness to be meeting so many like-minded people on my life path.

Sofia is my hometown, yet I call myself a citizen of the world, enchanted by the richness of cultures and traditions across borders and continents. I am an economist and marketer by education, having had a diverse international and corporate experience for more than 20 years, still my mission is a discoverer. Exploring new territories, bringing meaning to the things I do, and being of support to communities and more people were the stimuli to undertake a professional change in 2018 and to discover a new inspiring path ~ the one of #EVOO and food culture.   

I wish you happiness with the food and extra virgin olive oil, for life, the way it happened with me!

~ 10 October 2018, Sofia ~


~ 19 October 2021 ~ introduction of my 1st book “Sun & Olive Oil/ Stories and recipes about fascinating flavors of the Mediterranean, dedicated to extra virgin olive oil and the knowledge about it, to the seasons and their abundant gifts, to tasty, unpretentious and surprising food from nature – food for Wellbeing🌿

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