Anna Petkova

Taste and beauty will save the world! I truly believe in the power of these subtle aspects of our human life ~ a genuine inspiration for our senses, a path to bringing our fine human layers to perfection. For us to adore and enjoy life at its best!

It’s not by chance that I call myself a flavour catcher, looking for and choosing rich, diverse, pure, local, seasonal, authentic products, to bring on my table every day. Especially nowadays when we, city people, are constantly tempted by processed and uniformly tasting food, which lacks much diversity and vividness of flavour and essence.

I am in love with Nature and the slow pace of life and food, giving each moment and bite the deserved attention and appreciation. As an olive oil sommelier, I am an ambassador of extra virgin olive oil, the purest and highest category of olive oil, and its millennial heritage and culture. The Mediterranean diet and Intuitive food are my guiding stars for a healthy and sustainable life, along with “small is beautiful” and “less is more”, which are deeply resonating with my values. 

I am from Sofia and call myself a citizen of the world, enchanted by the richness of cultures and traditions across borders and continents. My educational background is economics and marketing, having had a diverse corporate experience in Bulgaria and abroad for 23 years. My passion for exploring new territories lead me to extra virgin olive oil , my devotion since 2018!

Dear olive oil enthusiasts, I wish you happiness with the food and extra virgin olive oil, for life, the way it happened with me! ~ Anna


More about me: My story – My Pure Olive

10 October 2018, Sofia